5 Best Lotion for Tattoo Aftercare in 2020

People who love tattoos are always in search of some products that will help them to protect their tattoo and make it like a new one.

In order to maintain your tattoo and keep it away from infection or dryness, you need the best lotion for tattoo that will not only protect your tattoo but also helps to glorify and shinny.

So in this article, we will review 5 best tattoo lotions that will help to choose best available option in the market.

Image Product Rating Price
H2Ocean Ocean
Aquaphor Healing Ointment
After Inked Tattoo Moisturizer
Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion
Lubriderm Daily Moisture Hydrating Body Lotion

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Top 5 Lotions for Tattoo Aftercare

1. H2Ocean Ocean

H2Ocean Tattoo lotion

H2 Ocean is one of the most popular names in tattoo aftercare industry. It is specifically designed to heal the new tattoo and maintain its shine and glow.

The best thing about this cream is that it contains 82 essential ingredients that will maintain a proper balance in your skin by hydrating your skin that keeps your tattoo away from any infection.

You can apply this cream on any part of your body. It totally absorbs in your skin so it will not stick to your clothes.

If you want to see proper results then it is recommended to use this cream 2 times a day with soft hands.

Special feature
Maintain Glow and Shine of your new tattoo
It Contains 82 necessary skin ingredients for your skin
It totally absorbs in your body

2. Aquaphor Healing Ointment (Best Dry skin Lotion)

Aquaphor tattoo lotion

Aquaphor is the essential lotion who are suffering from the problem of dry skin as it has all the necessary ingredients that help to keep your tattoo away from cracking and drying.

This cream not only works on tattoo skin but also helpful for day to day problems like dry hands and cuticles, Chapped lips, cracked feet or burning and itching.

This multipurpose ointment lotion works deep down the skin and helps to glorify your skin and restoring smoothness.

The best thing about this healing ointment is that it perfectly works on every type of skin. So if you are looking for fragrance-free and a preservative option for your skin then Aquaphor healing cream is the best available option for you.

Special feature
Works on every type of skin
The best option for dry skin
All in one lotion for daily use

3. After Inked Tattoo Moisturizer 

After inked lotion

If you are looking for a lotion that provides high moisturizing effect for a long time then after inked tattoo moisturizer is the most recommended option for you.

As the name of the product suggest that it is the most effective tattoo lotion for your new tattoo. The best part is that it doesn’t feel heavy on your new tattoo.

It is not only effective for the new tattoo but also it is very beneficial for your old tattoo as it restructures your dead cells and dead skin and recreates again. So your old tattoo will also shine like a brand new tattoo.

Other than that moisturizer is completely fragrance-free so you will not have any issue while using it.

After Ink is the most reputable brand and that’s the reason it is the most recommended product by Renowned Tattoo Artists.

Special feature
Beneficial for old tattoo also
Restructure dead cells of the skin
Affordable option

4. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion 

Aveeno body lotion

Aveeno is the another best tattoo lotion in our bucket list as it contains a unique oatmeal formula that provides you healthy, soft and clean skin.

It also contains protective elements that will protect your new tattoo from all types of bacteria and infection.

If you want to see actual a result of this lotion than it is recommended to use for 2-4 weeks after having a tattoo.

Other than using it on tattoo skin you can use this moisturizer on your skin as it will also resolve the dryness issue of your skin.

Special feature
It contains a unique oatmeal formula
Prevent your tattoo from infection
Works great on dry skin
Doesn’t contain fragrance

5. Lubriderm Daily Moisture Hydrating Body Lotion

Lubriderm body lotion

Lubriderm is another top pick in our bucket list as it contains all necessary vitamins like E and B5+ that are very essential to maintain the glow and beauty of our skin.

This body lotion is clinically proved that it will moisturize your skin for 24 hours of its use. If you have made a new tattoo then it will boost the healing time and make your skin smooth and soft.

Although Lubriderm contains little fragrance it will not be that much effective after 20 minutes of use.

The best thing about this lotion is that it works on any type of skin type no matter wheatear you have dry or oily skin. You can easily use it without any prescription.

Special feature
The lotion contains E and B5+ Vitamin
Boost the process of healing time
Effective on all type of skin

FAQ Section

Is Vaseline good for tattoo aftercare?

No, Vaseline is not good for tattoo aftercare because it works as a seal that blocks skin pores that prevent air from getting into the skin and as a result, your tattoo maybe got an infection or you may have another skin related issue.

So it is recommended to not use Vaseline for at least 3 months after having a tattoo on your body.

Can I put any oil on my new tattoo?

Oil helps to heal your tattoo but at the same time, it is very important to choose the right oil for the tattoo.

According to experts, you should use coconut oil on the tattoo surface two times a day. It will not only help to heal your tattoo fast but also helps to glow up your tattoo skin.

Coconut oil has micro bacterial properties that help to keep your tattoo away from bacteria that cause infection.

When should you start putting lotion on a new tattoo?

It is recommended that you should apply tattoo lotion after 3 days of having a tattoo. Before 1 hour of applying lotion on your tattoo, you should wash that surface with warm water. It will help to provide the full effect of tattoo lotion.

Final Words

So in this article, you get to know about best tattoo lotion that helps to heal your tattoo skin and also keep it away from infection but it is recommended to not use any lotion for 2-3 days after having tattoo because on that skin the chance of infection will increases if you apply any type of cream or lotion.

So these reviews will help to keep your new ink protected and make your first tattoo experience mind-blowing and memorable.

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